Marcus Buric: Culinary Creations

by Danielle Naurayan

Culinary Creations is a top-line catering company working all around the greater Wilmington area. With a reputation for customizable menus featuring only the highest quality ingredients, Marcus Buric, owner and chef of Culinary Creations, prides himself for putting together “something special” for every client.

Marcus does all the onsite cooking himself. His week, as you might imagine, is exceptionally busy. On Mondays and Tuesdays, he’s meeting with clients and putting together menus, Wednesdays involve shopping and preparing sauces, Thursdays he’s placing orders and starting to prep, and on Friday’s he’s cooking.

“I love going to the farmers market and talking to the local fishermen, getting on the boat and asking them, ‘What’s the catch of the day? What can I cook that’s super fresh?’ I only like to use the freshest ingredients.”

How does he come up with an exclusive selection of entrees for his clients? “First, I talk with the bride and groom to get their likes and dislikes and create a first-draft menu,” says Marcus, “then they get to come and do a tasting with me to finalize everything.” There isn’t anything request that Marcus will not cook.

Marcus uses a wide variety of seasonings he learned to cook with while traveling across the country. “Sometimes the groom is from the North and the bride is from the South, and I try to combine those regional tastes to get a menu that will satisfy both of their personalities and make their celebration feel more like home,” he says. “Here at Culinary Creations, we pride ourselves on cooking with a passion. We’re definitely on the upscale end of the local catering list.”

Advice that Marcus gives to all of his brides when helping them plan their wedding day menu is to choose a good coordinator, one who will work with the chef to ensure that the food—and the entire night—will be not just good but superb. To help insure that the reception is a complete success, Culinary Creations offers an outstanding coordinating service for their clients, called Culinary Creations Coordinating.

Always pushing the culinary envelope, Marcus is now streaming videos of cooking lessons, available online at, a virtual alternative to the custom-cooking demonstrations he performs for newlywed couples interested in learning how to prepare anything from marinades to cocktails. He is currently working on releasing an exclusive brand of bottled dressings. When asked if he would ever consider veering towards opening his own restaurant, Marcus replies, “I could be married to the restaurant or married to my family, I choose my family, and I still have a great career going for me.”