Jackie + Mike

Jackie Cerami and Mike Chaney met for drinks in the beautiful Windy Park neighborhood of Washington DC. “I was really late,” says Jackie. “It’s kind of a running joke because everywhere we go he’s 15 minutes late, and I’m always the one on time. So it was kind of funny, our first date it was the opposite of how it normally is now.” Mike let Jackie’s tardiness slide that evening, and the couple ended up sparking what would be a two-and-half-year relationship.

Christi and Tanner

 Christi and Tanner

Love was more than just a game for college athletes Christi Laite and Tanner Milson. The two met the first week of their freshman year at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Both were attending on athletic scholarships--Christi for volleyball and Tanner for basketball. "We were best friends for two years, much to my frustration," says Christi, "but he finally asked me out our sophomore year of college and we've been together ever since."

Morgan and Andrew

Morgan Pope and Andrew Carson met in Charleston, SC, while she was studying to be a physicians assistant. Andrew's brother, who was in the same program as Morgan, introduced them. After 10 months of dating, Andrew proposed--the day after Morgan's birthday. Morgan said she had a feeling a proposal was coming soon but didn't expect it to be right after her birthday. "We went out to dinner, and I was really tired and not really in the mood.

Crystal + Jason

Crystal Jones and Jason Harrell shared an endearing bond even before they decided to date. "It really was a friendship first," says Crystal. Crystal and Jason met in 2008 while doing the same job at the same company, INC Research, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Working in close proximity, where they talked, joked, and learned more about one another, the two became close over time. Once coworkers brought Jason's attraction to Crystal's attention, she played coy at first. "It took his persistence for me to really just kind of get it, to see that he wanted to be with me," says Crystal.

Anna + Steven

Anna Wiest's and Steven Smith's relationship began seven years before their wedding date. In 2008, Steven, who was serving in the Marine Corps, met Anna, who was attending Kent State University in Ohio. "He was friends with my sister at the time, and he was visiting for spring break," says Anna. "We met and started dating from there." The couple maintained a long distance relationship for about a year until Anna graduated from college and Steven left the Marine Corps. From there, the two decided to move to the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, area.