Love and Theft on 10/8/15

Written by Madison Roberts

Country duo Love and Theft kicked off their “Can’t Wait for the Weekend” tour at the Brooklyn Arts Center on Thursday, October 8, with opening acts Stevie Monse and Joel Crouse.

After Stevie and Joel warmed up the crowd, Love and Theft took the stage, accompanied by their kickass band.

Love and Theft is longtime friends Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, and their friendship was easily apparent on stage as the duo laughed together throughout their performance.

“We’re pretty good friends—like really good friends—because you have to be in order to be with someone 250+ days a year. You’re sharing money, you’re sharing time, you’re sharing hotels rooms, you’re sharing a lot of things, so I think that’s a testament to us being friends,” Stephen said. “We give each other space when we need it, but we barely ever fight and we have the same vision for what we want to do musically so that’s important.” Their artistic vision is one that is very important to them and helps them stay true to their sound.

During the show, their artistic vision shined through as the crowd seemed totally invested in the duo’s music and lyrics—singing along and dancing and taking pictures.

Stephen and Eric sang their hit song “Night That You’ll Never Forget” and their tour title track “Can’t Wait for the Weekend.” They also covered songs from The Dave Matthews Band and the Beatles.

“I think we’re just trying to stay true to ourselves and true to the music we set out to make and not really get caught up in the trends. A lot of people just go with the flow and go with the trends and change their sound to adapt into that, but we want to make sure that we stay true to ourselves and make the music that we always made,” Eric says. “We hope it will connect with people because I think there is a lack of that right now and a bit of a void, so we are trying to fill that.”

Love and Theft performed two songs a cappella, and the crowd went wild, dancing along with Stephen and Eric as they sang. The duo engaged the crowd by taking selfies with the audience while on stage and even created a contest to see which side of the room was louder. Bottom line? Love and Theft is a lot of fun on stage.

Toward the end of the show, the band sang their hit single “Whiskey on My Breath,” which is the title track for their latest record, and then brought the house down with two more of their hits “Runaway” and “Angel Eyes.”

Bottom-bottom line? For the first stop on their tour, Love and Theft’s BAC show proved to be a big success.