The New Mastersounds + Earphunk Concert 2015

Written by Madison Roberts // Photography by Drechsel Photography
The New Mastersounds filled the BAC with funk and rock on Tuesday, November 3, bringing their non-stop dance party all the way to Wilmington from Leeds, UK. The crowd was not disappointed. Everyone in the house danced all night, from the minute the opener, Earphunk, took the stage, through the blistering New Mastersounds encore.

The British band includes four virtuoso members: Eddie Roberts on guitar, Simon Allen on drums, Pete Shand on bass, and Joe Tatton on keyboards. They play an eclectic blend of instrumental music, which Allen says incorporates funk, soul, rock, and African-American influences.

“We want to make people get up and move,” Allen said. “If people stop dancing, we’re doing something wrong.” And no one stopped, even after New Mastersounds left the stage for the final time, the crowd kept moving and shaking and jiving.

The New Mastersounds invited Charly Lowry, a North Carolina singer, on stage to do four songs. Two tunes in particular, “Just Not Ready for Love,” and “Enough is Enough,” drove the crowd into a dancing frenzy. The band also brought Mike Quinn, a superstar sax player, along for the ride, and to say he brought the house down would be something of an understatement—even the band was blown away. Lowry closed out the concert with two hits, “Baby I Love” and “Joy,” and everyone in the church was grooving.