Wilmington Weddings Vendor Party 2015

Written by Madison Roberts // Photos from Wilmington Wedding and Events, Design a Dream Events, and ART Catering and Events

The Wilmington Weddings Vendor Holiday Party returned to the Brooklyn Arts Center on Tuesday, December 8. The shindig brought the community of Wilmington wedding vendors together for one huge night of fun to celebrate the end of wedding season in style.

Photographer Dana Layman, director of Wilmington Weddings, an association of local wedding vendors, said the event was a wonderful reward for the vendors after such a long, busy season. “It’s just celebrating our accomplishments for this year and being able to have fun together and have our own party because we never get to do that. We get to relax and have fun and just recap what the last year meant, and really just enjoy each other on an occasion outside of weddings—something that is for ourselves.”

With furnishings by Pomp Furnishing and Events, lighting by Illuminating Events, and floral designs by Blossom Bay Botanicals, the church was turned into a beautiful winter wonderland. Art Catering and Events catered a delicious buffet, and after Absolute Best DJ warmed up the crowd, Wilmington’s own Port City Shakedown rocked the house as the vendors flooded the dance floor.

Wedding photographer Lori Unruh of Indigo Silver said the party felt particularly earned this year because the vendors accomplished such an amazing goal. “I feel like as wedding vendors, we hit our stride this year in finding our target market and attracting the type of clients we want to work with,” Unruh said, “and that’s something that’s taken us five or six years to do, so its really exciting to see us come together in what we’ve been striving toward this entire time.”

Wedding planner Jana Ingraham of Design a Dream Events designed and coordinated this blowout shebang. “Being able to coordinate our end-of-the-year party is a nice last hoorah for my 2015 business,” Ingraham said. “I love it. It’s one of those things where you get so busy and wrapped up in your everyday life, it kind of gives everybody the opportunity to come together talk about how their weddings were.”

The night was simply amazing—from the decorations to the food to the music to the sense of community spirit that filled the BAC.