Buckethead Concert 2016

Written by Kelsey Prillman

Legendary guitar God Buckethead returned to the BAC on Tuesday, May 17, for a power-packed show of shredding no one in the crowd will ever forget. Having just recently returned to touring after a four-year break, many fans were excited to have the opportunity to see the world-renowned and eminently popular experimental guitarist live once again.

A big BAC crowed greeted Buckethead when he walked onto stage in his traditional attire: dressed in black from head to toe, white kabuki mask, black wig, and Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head. Long-time fans were thrilled when Buckethead began to play and realized he was performing songs from an older album, Giant Robot. From the moment the first few chords of the first song, “Doomride,” fans went crazy.

Buckethead is named on nearly every list of the top 10 greatest power guitarists of all time, and watching him shred like no one else on the planet it’s not hard to see why. His fingers fly across the fret board at speeds that are hard to comprehend. During the mid-show break, Buckethead puts down his guitar to play with props such as nunchuks, foam hands for robotic dancing, and a severed head puppet. Throughout his fantastical career, Buckethead has blended the lines between genius musicianship, one-of-a-kind performance art, and freak show fanatic.

His use of props offers a chance for audience interaction, providing some of the crowd’s favorite moments. For instance, early in the show, audience members were given the chance to make their own music by pressing Buckethead’s infamous “kill” button on his custom guitar while he maintained a rhythm. The title track, “Giant Robot” is also a crowd favorite, due to the use of a robot prop the guitarist brings out during the song.

When Buckethead left the stage, the crowd sent him off with an incredible ovation, and the BAC buzzed with screaming guitar sounds well after the lights came up.