Bear Hands Concert

Written by Kelsey Prillman

On Tuesday, May 23, the Brooklyn Arts Center welcomed indie-rock, post-punk band Bear Hands and local, alt-rock band Black Mantis for a concert sponsored by Modern Rock 98.7, and the rockers delivered an exhilarating performance for the packed church.

Black Mantis opened the show. They’ve developed quite a local following and many in the crowd knew their songs. The band’s upbeat, rock melodies kept the crowd going as more and more people poured into the BAC for the headliner.

Bear Hands came onto the stage and instantly drew the crowd into their post-punk world. Using screaming guitars, bass, and drums as well as keyboards, synthesizers, maracas, and more, the band makes the music their own and presents an unforgettable sound and a high-energy, live-show experience.

Inspired by Nirvana, the band has gained popularity quickly. “I was always writing songs in my free time. It just felt natural for me,” says Dylan Rau, vocalist of the group. Currently releasing their third album, the band is exploding on the scene. “It’s always exciting to hear your songs on the radio. It puts a smile on your face. You never really get used to it,” says Rau.

Many of the songs the band played, such as “I See You” and “Chin Ups,” came from their new album, You’ll Pay For This. The group alerted the nearly sold-out crowd each time they were about to play a new song, and their fans already seemed to know them. Bear Hands brought the energy all night long, and the crowd never stopped dancing from the moment they took the stage.

The band chose to end the night with their current radio hit “2am.” The crowd had clearly been waiting for this one because every voice in the church sang along. The energy in the BAC was electric, and Bear Hands left the stage to thunderous applause.

Several members of the band met their fans after the show to sign albums and CDs and T-shirts, and even as the BAC emptied out, the building echoed from the excitement of the evening.