6th Annual L Shape Lot Toys for Tots Drive


Let’s face it: when L Shape puts their mind to it, nobody rocks the house like they do.  And to prove that point, Wilmington’s very own L Shape Lot hosted their sixth annual Toys for Tots fundraiser at the Brooklyn Arts Center and blew the BAC away.  There were 700 people in the church, and they came to party.  They also came with toys.  How many toys?  More than 1,300 brand new toys for children who otherwise weren’t getting gifts this year.  There was a big pile of cash for the kids too.  Do we live in the best town with the best people?  We definitely do.  Do we have the best band?  We definitely do.  Check out these pictures and then mark your calendars for next year—December 15—because L Shape will be back and lots of kids are going to need your kindness.