Tres Bleu Presents: Midnight in Mykonos

Friday, March 16 saw the Très Bleu fashion showcase for the boutique’s Spring and Summer suits and coverups—centered around a “Midnight in Mykonos” theme and proceeds benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, JDRF. Here’s an interview with Candace Lea, the mastermind behind the fashion show.

Did you choose the theme for the show or the suits first?
The theme first! When we were in Miami for swim week, they had all this Grecian decor throughout the convention center and it just hit me.

Where do you find your models?
Some were in it last year and some [were] reached on social media. We try to get local girls!

How many seasons of shows have you done?

Personally that was my eighth show. For Très Bleu, it was my second.

Do you choose a different charity every year?

We didn't this year, but moving forward we will.

How did you select JDRF for this year?

Lots of our customers support them.

Do you have any ideas already about next year's show?

I do, but you guys will just have to wait and see. (;

Two of the shows models, Tyler Moore and Kelly Tada, stopped after the show to answer some questions as well.

“I modeled a blue Tavik [brand] two-piece, a green two piece, and a black one piece, both by L Space. My favorite design was the black one piece,” said Moore. “I got the chance to walk in the show through Donna Taylor, an independent L Space retailer who I am family friends with. This was my second year walking and I would absolutely walk in the next show!”

Kelly Tada showed four suits: a black cut-out one piece, a red palm-print one piece, a reversible cream bikini, and a slate gray L Space two piece. “It’s so hard to choose a favorite suit,” said Tada. “I was very into the one pieces being cut high on the leg, but that slate gray bikini was probably my favorite overall. This is my fourth year walking for the show. If they’d have me back, I’d do it every year!”

Thank You Ian Leatherwood for the photography for the show.