10 Port City Ping Pong Throw Down

The Port City Ping Pong Throw Down celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Brooklyn Arts Center on Friday, January 25. The church was packed with players and spectators. This year more than 128 players turned out for the tournament, the largest bracket yet. The Wilmington Table Tennis Club has been presenting their Throw Down at the BAC since 2013, and the tournament has grown bigger and better every year.

President Laurence Nadeau (one of the best players in the region) was thrilled with the turnout this year. By 4:30 p.m. on Friday, the BAC was filled with players signing up and warming up at the eight professional tables on the main floor of the church. “This is a generational game,” Nadeau said, pointing to a grandmother playing against an eight-year-old boy. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before or if you’re an Olympic-level table tennis player. We’re just doing this in the spirit of fun, in the spirt of community.”

Twelve-year-old Carson was excited to play in the tournament for the first time. Marisa, 18, has played ping pong all of her life for fun and couldn’t think of a better way to spend her Friday night than to play in the Throw Down, where she met Tim, 63, who has won 115 table tennis tournaments. Tim is too good to play in the Throw Down but offers beginners, young and old, tips to help them improve their game. “It’s the best sport in the world,” Tim said. “Everyone is here. You’ve got old people, young people. You’ve got women and children and men. Everyone likes to play. Everyone has a blast.”

If you’re interested in participating next year—or want to join and play with the Wilmington Table Tennis Club next week—then check out Wilmington Table Tennis Club on Facebook for times, locations, general information, and updates.

written by: Sophia Ficarrotta