What Our Clients Say About Us

“I toured a handful of venues in downtown Wilmington before make my last stop at the Annex and Brooklyn Art Center. As soon as I met Rich and saw the Annex, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. None of the other venues that I had seen brought forth the emotional connection and sentiment that I felt as I walked through the space. The Annex is a beautiful venue- it is an old Sunday schoolhouse that has been restored, with all of its historic charm still present. I will say that the main reason that I booked the Annex was because of Rich. His kindness, passion, and confidence was reassuring to us, as we were slightly lost with the whole wedding planning process. He took the time to not only explain the venue, but to give us tips and help us envision how our wedding day would be and the planning process. I did not receive that same treatment from most of the other venues that I visited. He gave us a list of his preferred vendors and it is evident that he built strong relationships with them. While speaking with my vendors while planning, all of them had great things to say about Rich and the Annex. We felt comfortable knowing how sure he was that our wedding day would be the best day ever and would run smoothly, and he was right. The whole day was perfect—he worked with my wedding planner to run the day smoothly. He has created a bridal suite that includes a kitchen for use up until the caterer arrives. He has a whole system in place for how it will be organized, and knows what layouts look best, etc. Most importantly though, he is so thoughtful and cares about his brides. I had to reschedule my wedding due to Hurricane Florence (my wedding was scheduled for the weekend after it hit), which I anticipated, given the amount of damage that Wilmington had. Rich called me promptly after he got to the venue and saw how much damage they had. He gave me a list of all of the new dates available for 2019, and with the help of my wedding planner, I was able to rebook for January with all of my vendors. Rich was kind, patient, and encouraging through the whole process. As I previously mentioned, our wedding day was perfect and I don’t think I could have found a better venue.” -Katy WeddingWire

“Our wedding was last fall in The Annex. We had approximately 100 guests. It was the perfect size to give us the intimate feel we wanted and not be over crowded. There are two reasons we chose The Annex over many other venues in Wilmington. 1. The venue is historic and has a charm you can't find in most places. It's absolutely beautiful dressed up or down. It gave us the church feel we wanted without being in a church. 2. Rich. He's the most attentive person I know. If I wanted it, he wanted it. He cares 150% about his brides and that they get the day they want. He was always quick to reply to every question I had. He hosted multiple tours for me when family came to town and for my wedding planner. If you're looking for more than just a venue, this is the place to be. Rich makes this place. Our day was absolutely beautiful and every detail seemed to be perfect. We are still receiving compliments about our wedding. If I had to do this all over again, I would still choose The Annex, Rich and his team over all the other venues we visited in and around Wilmington!” -Malari WeddingWire

“My husband and I knew we wanted to get married in the beautiful city of Wilmington. Specifically, we were looking for a venue that captured Wilmingtons beauty along with its unique culture. We toured several venues at the beach and downtown, but instantly fell in love with the Annex and it’s Director Rich. Within the first few minutes of speaking with Rich it was clear his intention was not to rack up the cost of an already expensive event, but to make sure our wedding day went as smooth as humanly possible. With The Annex we had a 15 hour time block, a bridal and grooms suite, as well as the freedom to bring in our own alcohol which was HUGE. The venue is absolutely beautiful, and Rich gives you the freedom to make your special day a dream come true. The vendors he partners with helped to ensure things went off without a hitch and everyone had an amazing time. Highly recommend the Annex and Brooklyn Arts Center!!!!” -Rebecca WeddingWire

“It’s so beautiful we adored the rustic vibe truly a dream and since our previous venue had got destroyed 2 weeks prior to our date. The staff were so accommodating and helpful.” -Alexandria Wedding Wire

We had our perfect wedding here this June. Thanks Rich!!

-Giselle WeddingWire

"If you want a “Downtown Wilmington Wedding” this is the place to be! Our daughter chose the Brooklyn Arts Center for her May 2018 wedding due to her love of what this venue had to offer, most importantly its historic beginnings of being a church and the beautiful renovation that showcased the vintage architecture. It was an outstanding experience and a day that our memories will never forget! Rich Leder (Executive Director) and Charyl Williams (Social Butterfly) promised it would be a beautiful, magical setting and they lived up to their word! The set up for the ceremony was perfect; we were able to highlight the religious significance of marriage as there was no doubt we were in a church! Then amazingly the transformation for reception and accommodations for a live band was above and beyond what we expected…the wow factor was there! Our desire to have “outdoor time” was planned around a courtyard cocktail hour, however the weather prediction was not in our favor. The thoughts of having a tent with fans was not exactly what we envisioned. Rich and Charyl came to the rescue and cocktail hour was moved to the Annex. It was an absolutely gorgeous place with the stained glass windows and beautiful woodwork! We were blessed to have had this whole venue! If possible, we highly recommend securing the Annex for cocktail hour, photos and extra room for event needs. We are grateful that BAC also included the “Bridal House”! To be able to have a low key bridesmaid gathering in such an accommodating and relaxing area sets this venue a notch above others! It was awesome to have a room specifically designed for hair and make-up artists, a large table for spreading out food and snacks and a refrigerator for drinks (especially mimosas). Wow, what a lovely place with every convenience! We were especially impressed with Rich Leder’s kind words, day of wedding advice actions that showed how much he cares about the bride's experience. Unique venue for a special wedding day!"

-Lori WeddingWire

We're not even sure where to begin with the Brooklyn Arts Center - nothing but wedding greatness!!! Rich is by far the best wedding venue director in Wilmington, hands down. Super professional, responsive, and can answer any question. Highly, highly recommend the Brooklyn Arts Center for any event. He made our wedding day beyond special - he made it perfect. We had a night wedding at the BAC & it couldn't have been a more perfect choice - it's absolutely gorgeous at night with lit candles, so romantic!!! So magical. Thank you so much for making our day incredibly memorable

-Elizabeth WeddingWire

Brooklyn Arts Center was the perfect place for our wedding! My husband and I have gone there for various events and always thought it was a beautiful space. We had spent so much time there over the years that when it came time to choose a venue, there was no question. We got married in the courtyard out back and had gorgeous weather and then had the reception inside. Not a lot of decor was needed because it’s already such a beautiful building. Rich Leder, the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Arts Center is wonderful to work with! We are so happy we chose the Brooklyn Arts Center for our venue!

-Ashton WeddingWire

"The Brooklyn Arts Center is BEAUTIFUL. We loved the original church but after seeing the Annex, we fell in love with the more intimate space. Rich Leder, the owner, could not have been kinder or more helpful in helping us setting a date (not easy when you have a sick dad!) and making sure everything was perfect/organized/smooth on the day of the wedding. He even let us use the space in the church - with the gorgeous windows - to take pictures (as there was no event in that portion of the building that day), despite the fact that we were using the Annex and NOT the church. It was the PERFECT choice for our perfect day."

-Ashley Wedding Wire

"We toured the Annex when it was still under construction, and even though it was the first venue we toured, I knew from the first step in the doors that it could not be beat. Included in the venue is an amazing Bridal Suite downstairs where I was able to spend the morning getting ready with my girls at the venue. It was so nice to not have to run around the day of the wedding, and the setup was perfect for hair/makeup and mimosas! We had our ceremony upstairs with about 60 people standing against the gorgeous stained glass backdrop. Cocktail hour on the main floor was incredible. We hired an acoustic guitarist who played on the perfect wood stage. That, paired with a beautifully designed bar, ...I could have stayed at cocktail hour all night. We transitioned back upstairs for the reception and our guests were blown away with the transformation. Logistically, it was a breeze. I cannot tell you how convenient it was to have everything in the same location. If I could give this venue 10 stars I would. Amazing historical details and built in decor, perfect size for an intimate wedding, and RICH (who was a dream to work with!) We received compliments from everyone who attended the wedding, and for good reason. Absolutely perfect venue. "

-Kristina Wedding Wire

"My husband and I were having a lot of trouble finding a venue we really liked. We started looking in Savannah (where we were living at the time) and didn't like any venues there. We also looked at quite a few in Wilmington (he has a lot of family in the area) and finally took a tour at BAC (the main building and courtyard, not the annex). Rich spent an hour and a half giving us a tour, showing us pictures and talking through what our wedding day would look like. When we got back in our car, we immediately looked at each other and said this was it - we just had that feeling. Our day could not have ran any smoother and been more perfect. BAC is a great clean slate - you can do such a variety of things there and it comes out beautifully! Rich may be more strict that other places on who can be your wedding planner and caterer, but it's because he knows who the best of the best are and only wants his brides and grooms to work with them so their day is flawless. I can't recommend them enough! "

-Dana Wedding Wire

"My husband and I fell in love with the Brooklyn Arts Center the moment we stepped into the venue. Meeting with Rich absolutely sealed the deal and we knew the BAC was the place for us. Rich was incredible to work with and the venue was just magical. I was a bit nervous when we found out that another wedding would be taking place at the Annex next door, but of course Rich was completely right when he said there would be no issues at all. Bottom line, trust Rich. He is the best. We had multiple friends come up throughout the evening that said they wish they could do over their wedding day at the BAC!"

-Megan Wedding Wire

"I would chose the Brooklyn Arts Center a thousand times over for my wedding venue! The staff is fantastic, easy to work with and professional. The venue is stunning which makes for fantastic pictures and a wonderful atmosphere!"

-Amanda Wedding Wire

"This spacious venue is amazing! I just had my wedding there, June 2016 and couldn't have been happier!!! Beautiful architecture, history, and location! The owner Rich is the BEST and will make sure you have a PERFECT wedding! If you are looking for a venue with a historic church with breathtaking windows and excellent acoustics, exposed brick, a private and inviting courtyard, and access to the house next door to get ready in the day of the wedding...look no further, this is the place for you!!! Call Rich and book an apt. today!"

-Marissa Wedding Wire

"Rich is by far the best and most accommodating host I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Upon meeting with rich he told us that he was in the business of doing great weddings and he was not lying. The BAC is hands down the best reception site in Wilmington."

- Anonymous Wedding Wire

"In addition to this venue being historic, spacious, and beautiful, its biggest asset is its event director, Rich Leder. He knows weddings and he knows how to get it done so that every couple has their perfect day. My husband and I visited several lovely venues in and around Wilmington, but as soon as we met Rich and visited the BAC, we knew it was perfect for us. I particularly enjoy that there are no time constraints for your event and that for weddings, the ladies have the entire first floor of the manse all day in which to get ready. And with its new annex, the BAC can now accommodate both large and small gatherings! The BAC is definitely worth checking out. You will not be disappointed"

-April Wedding Wire

"This venue is amazing! So beautiful, the house is available for the bridal party to get ready. Their are multiple size spaces to accommodate different size events. Perfect setup if you are considering a band. The main area has a beautiful balcony overlooking the main area. Rich is the best, he really makes every bride and groom feel extra special."

-Jen Wedding Wire

"I couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue for my wedding! BAC is absolutely gorgeous on its own but add some flowers, lights, and decor and the place transforms into any bride's fantasy venue. Rich was always very prompt and professional in my endless emails and questions; he even made a suggestion for my layout that made my wedding very unique! His motto is, "This is your perfect day!", and it absolutely was!"

-Ashley Wedding Wire

"We had the absolute best wedding at the BAC! The venue alone is gorgeous with the exposed brick and wood details. The owner, Rich, is a delight to work with. He made us feel so special from the moment we first met him and throughout the whole planning process. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Rich and the Brooklyn Arts Center! It is a great place to celebrate your wedding!"

-Anna Wedding Wire

"Absolutely blown away by the venue and by our wonderful wedding day. Rich is wonderful to work with and makes you feel as though the venue truly is YOURS for the day and that was a wonderful feeling. Rich was so open to all of our questions and responded quickly. BAC is a truly beautiful venue and we had such a wonderful wedding day! Thank You Rich!"

-Crystal Wedding Wire

"After an extensive search my husband and I fell in love with the BAC. The space has so many different unique features you can highlight. The unexpected beauty of the courtyard and the worlds most perfect aisle complete with a back porch to walk down was completed nicely with the blank gorgeous space of the church. We knew we could make our mark on it and make it uniquely ours. I also knew that if it happened to rain on my wedding day, the option of getting to say my vows up on the beautiful stage in the church was a mind setting back up plan. The third part of the amazing location is this gorgeous historical house that as a bride you get to get ready in with all of your friends and family. It also meant day of I was there overseeing the whole decorating process and enjoying qt with my girls. And then to top it off there is Richard. He is just wonderful. I will be completely honest and say I don't think anyone else during the whole wedding planning experience made me feel so much like a bride a Richard did. Right away he told me anything I wanted he would do his best to make it happen for me, throughout the whole process he came through completely on that promise. There is also a great team working with Richard who are equally as amazing. Artie helped with the heavy lifting decor work. Because of his exposure he had some awesome ideas of what to do with the spaces during the planning process. Susan upkeeps the beautiful landscaping of the property. She was there beautifying (and subsequently lowering my florist cost) throughout the process, even agreeing to my moms request of keeping the flower pots full of white flowers for our day. Overall the day of results were spectacular. The BAC was a perfect backdrop to make my wedding day completely magical. I wouldn't of wanted to get married anywhere else in the whole world, it was perfect. Word to the wise it books up fast so check it out asap if you're interested."

-Allison Wedding Wire

"My husband and I got married at the Brooklyn Arts Center and had the most beautiful wedding! From the beginning to end Rich was wonderful to work with. The venue was full of character and offered things other venues would not ie. unlimited time limit, able to use your own vendors, provide your own alcohol. Our guests couldn't believe how beautiful the venue was and had the time of they're lives."

-Joanna Wedding Wire

"My husband and I had been trying to figure out where to get married. When one of my coworkers told me about the BAC I thought...I'll check it out online. What I found was the PERFECT place to have a wedding. It has history, charm, romance, spirit and beauty all wrapped up in an amazing package. Richard is the director of the BAC and he knows everything you'll need, want, and hadn't even thought about. He made the whole experience at the BAC a wonderful one. If, or should I say "when" you choose the BAC, sit back, relax, and know you're in the best hands :)"

-Veronica Wedding Wire